Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Consulate Appointment

We we not allowed to take pictures inside the consulate.  But, we did take a few pictures on the outside.  The appointment it's self was a long wait for a few questions and a long look at our kids.
There were a few toys for the kids and it was not unpleasant.  I mean after all this was the final step to the adoption and nothing else is importan,t if we can not bring the kids home to the United States.

The Conners
The Nielsons
Our Guide, Simon, with the kids

More Swimming Sept 12th

We spent quite a bit of time relaxing and swimming today.  I was disappointed that so much time has been "down time"  in this adoption trip.  We have busy kids and staying kooped up in the hotel room creates boredom.  So, out they go...... 

Just floating around.


The Pearl River Boat Cruise Sept. 11

The classic Pearl River Boat Cruise Is better than it was 5 years ago, so I am glad we went again.  They say the food is not so good, but it could have been worse.  The kids loved it.  Lilly is not in the pictures much, as she was visiting another family on the ship and playing with their child. 



Monday, September 17, 2012

The Zoo Sept. 10

Our day at The Zoo was Hot.                

But we made it to the Panda enclosure just at feeding time, so they were moving around.
The monkeys were lively, too.                


Shopping and our Group Picture September 9, 2012

Spent some time shopping today.  We have purchased some inexpensive pearls for the girls and made them into necklaces and bracelets, with a pair of earrings for later when they get their ears pierced.  We purchased a necklace for Bobby with a jade goat, the year of his birth.  Nick has purchased a few things for himself.  We had already purchased a jade necklace in Chongqing, so we are trying to stay on budget.    

We also took our Group picture today.  The best shot was taken with the 8mp camera on my phone.
                                         One of just the kids.  Four families, 6 kids


Then a trip to KFC for dinner
Right next to the Trust Mart

So, we picked up some more water.
Such good stick men!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept. 8th 2012 Medical Exams and the tower


The medical exam was really crowded today and the kids really just wanted to run around.  I can not blame them.  They were weighed and measured.  We we not surprised to hear that Bobby weighs 50pounds.  He has been eating a lot.  We believe he has never been to an "all you can eat" breakfast bar.  Ha Ha.  He has a lot of energy and needs to run it off.  So, the calories will come in handy for him  :)  Both kids had their TB test and neither cried.  I am so glad. 
We then went around the area of town and looked at some of the new construction in Guangzhou.  A city of 14 million people.  They hosted the 2008 Asian Olympics.  In the process of preparing for the games, the government gave all the farmers a property in exchange for their farms.  Now the Farmers are land lords to some of the most expensive real estate in China.
This is the Opera House
This is the Library

This is the second tallest tower in the World.  The tallest is in De far

This was the bathroom with vender's selling Sodas etc.  Well at least they recognise the need for the facility


Kylie Gail and Bobby have loved our touring,  They always has a comment, or a thousand about each area. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept 7, 2012 Taken care of Business

We have decided not to visit the orphanage today.  When we received Bobby, the nanny suggested that it may not be a good idea. She felt he had become too distraught and the visit may trigger him again.  We made this same decision with Kylie Gail's orphanage for the same reasons last week.  But, with further discussion we decided to wait until Thursday night and have the guide discuss the idea of a visit with him.  Given that he is 8 and not 5, we thought a few days would make a difference.  So, he was asked and said he did not want to go back to say goodbye.  This leaves us with a free day!

We went out to run errands.  Starting with a trip to one of only 3 medical equipment pharmacies in Guangzhou.  We bought a rubber tip for Keith's cane, and I checked out the prices for equipment, just for fun.  The shocker was that the prices were similar to Fresno!  30 USD for a folding cane.

Here is a pic of the kids as we wait for the bus driver.  They were so  patient.

We then went looking for a hardware store.  Evidently this is not a common concept in China.  Ha Ha.  Kylie Gails' braces are loosing screws and falling apart.  The Kiddo is probably not used to walking so much.  We found it and fixed the braces.. 
We then got dropped off at the park down the road from our hotel.  The plan was a couple of hours of run time for the kids.  This lasted about 35 minutes.......
Then it began to rain
It rained
and rained
and rained for about 45min.

Finally the rain broke and we were able to walk back to the hotel.
Note to self:  Take umbrellas next time.

August 6, 2012 Sight Seeing.

                                                  This is how our day started.
                                          How many kids can get stuffed into a single bed?


We visited the Chen Ancestral Hall 
 Built between 1888 and 1893.
The entry way
On the left is the female and on the right is the male


Made out of sandalwood, with amazing detailed carving.

It was really HOT today.  We all look very melted.
The girl on the left is the daughter of a family in our travel group: Emma Joy, Lilly Rose, Keith, Bobby, Kylie Gail and Nicolas 
 Such detailed carving!

Alter for  the sacrifice of animals 
The building has been turned into a folk art museum.
This is Painting by the use of the hand and not a brush.

These two pictures are posted for our son, Caleb who is an artist.