Friday, January 25, 2013

More to Note

Fall Fun
We had dental visits for Kylie Gail and Bobby.

We bowled at cousin Jessica's birthday party

We went to Northside church and their big fall festivities. 
This picture was taken at one of the booths.  Kylie Gail was tinkerbell, Lilly Rose was a fairy, and Bobby was a cartoon character named ??? They picked our their outfits with my neice Erica. 
Nicolas had fun mixing costumes
Then we all had to try the mask!

                                                           Fall Clean Up

We needed a little help with the tree clippings

Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog Failure and Second Month Home

Blog failure, Yes.  But not abandonment....I started this in October, just did not get back to it. 

The second month home has been very busy.  The kids both started School.  Bobby is in third grade and Kylie Gail is in Kindergarten.  Bobby's transition has gone very well.  Kylie's took some some days with Dad attending and a few with Mom transitioning the drop off.  Finally,  she got it and enjoys school more than any of the other kids.

My daughter in law convinced me to have the kids pictures taken. So here is a sample:

 And Lilly Rose had her surgery to relieve the hydrocephalus that she has had for the last 5 years.  This was a surprise diagnosis,  discovered when she had the baseline MRI the first year she came home.  A Third Ventricle Ventriculostomy (instead of a shunt) was an option, but she was neurologically intact, so it was not urgent.  We monitored  it every year.  We decided to get a second opinion after talking to my niece, who just happens to be a neurosurgery resident at Stanford.  We decided to go to have the surgery at Stanford by Dr. Michael Edwards, a world expert in the procedure.  We actually knew that this would be coming up and have spent our first weeks home preparing to be gone for these 4 days.  We are so pleased that it worked out well.  With the help of my sister in law, daughter in law and the older boys. So Lilly Rose will have PE in the library for the next couple of months and is allowed to wear a neat looking hat (not usually allowed at school) to cover her healing incision.   Praise the Lord all is well.