Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on the paperwork

Well,  0ur I -800 was sent and we receieved notice it is there and being processed.   Now we wait.  God willing and the devil does not interfere, we expect the approval next week sometime.  Meanwhile, we applied for passports for the kids and received them in record time.  We had to send in, not only Lilly Rose's Certificate of Citizenship, but her original adoption certificate.  That was a bit scary, as it is irreplaceable.  We did receive it back in no time at all.  PTL

We then filled out the applications for Chinese visas for all of us, $560, just to be granted the priviledge to go into China. $70 for the currier to the Consulate.  I supose that is cheaper than me taking a day off of work, so we both win.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My cute Grandson

Aiden 2 yrs. old

I am featuring my Grandson, Aiden.  This little bundle of energy sets a new tone to the word "active".   He is so much like my son, Steven.   He is a good traveler, especially with a  DVD player.  We went up to Santa Rosa to visit my sister, Rosanne and her family.  Except for the terrible traffic, it was a great drive.

By the way, we sent out I-800 paperwork off via over night and it took 4 days.  I will be having a talk with the Fed Ex people.  I think a refund is in order.  We should have our receipt by this Monday and the approval a week later. ( July 2 )

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My sister in law Pam Bean is having a raffle for this beautiful ladybug blanket to help raise funds for her adoption of of 6 year old Blossom.  It was made by her sister-in-law Michelle specifically for this raffle.  Donate for a chance to receive this beautiful blanket.  Michelle spent over 50 hours making this blanket. Each ladybug was individually made and then crochet into the blanket. The blanket measures 39 inches x 39 inches. For a $5.00 donation you will have a chance to receive this beautiful blanket. This blanket can be given to a new mom as a shower gift or a new addition to the family through adoption. What a wonderful story behind why it was made. I know this is short notice but the drawing will be held next Sunday the 17th at 6:00 p.m. PDT. Asking for prayer that there would be many participants.  Contact Pam Bean @  Or go to  for a pay pal connection.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Mom and Pop

Vern and Gail Bean   June 8, 1962

These are my parents when they got married 50 years ago.  Life was was not easy.  She had 4 kids, no child support and was "OLDER" then he.  The wedding was not going to happen, as the Ex had not paid his interlocutory fees to finalize the divorce.  Vern took care of that when he sold his baritone horn to pay those fees off, so they could get married.  Still the wedding was a no frills affair in the yard of his parents house.  They were not able to have a wedding cake or guests.   On their 45th Wedding Anniversary, Gail lovingly bought Vern a brand new baritone horn. 

We will be having a Celebration Dinner in Honor of my parent's  50th Wedding Anniversary on August 4, 2012, in Fresno, California.  It is centrally located and the costs not too high for lodging.  There we will eat, dance, walk down memory lane, and Vern and Gail will finally have a Wedding Cake to replace the one they missed out on 50 years ago.      

We Love you Mom and Pop,  Thank You for your sacrifice, so that your children could have a good life.  You made life worth living and encouraged us when we did not deserve it.   Thank you for encouraging us to determine our own relationship with God then follow that to the fullest.             

 Thank you for NEVER giving up, never loosing HOPE, and ALWAYS being there.  for richer, for poorer.  
In sickness and in health. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

LOA on day 36 since LID

We Received our LOA (letter of acceptance) from China today, June 1 2012, just 36 days since LID.  This my friends, is some kind of record. I had heard of someone who got it on 37 days, but I never thought it would happen to us.  We have been so behind in our timeline since we received pre-approval.  Always having complications with every step  I became so overwhelmed at the reality, I think I shocked my friend, Nurse Diana.  I was both crying and talking and alternately speechless. Well, lets say she has never seen me speechless....