Sunday, May 29, 2011

Windy Days and cool nights

The climate has not decided what it really wants to do.  It rained yesterday.  It is really windy today.  Not at all typical Fresno weather for the end of May. Regardless of how it starts, soon it will just be plain HOT.   The good news is the pool is a great blessing.   Let the summer fun begin!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Micro-manage Mondays

I created this blog today.  This of all days, a Monday.  I get micromanaged on Mondays.  So, I tend to micro-manage others.  Going through the list of everything NOT done on the weekend.  I give my husband a list and choices for things I need him to do to consider.  I run the list of things for each of the kids. (that's a few, as we have 6 at home.)  Out they go to work and school.  I run the little ones to school and come home.  Man, I am tired and ready to take a nap.  But of course, I now get ready for work, slug down a cup of coffee and head out the door.   I will show up as always, ready for my  micro-manage list with a smile on my face and hope for a new week.  Thank You God for my family, my job and a new day. Thank you for a new opportunity to give back to the world, mirror the image of Christ, and make a difference.