Monday, October 22, 2012

The First Month Home

We are moving forward in all things.  The kids started Chinese school first, as it is held in our church, Fresno Chinese Gospel Church.  We know the people well and it was easiest to start there.  We also started the after school tutor and all around helper person, Pam.  Yes, this is my sister-in-law and good friend who happens to be very invested in our children. 

We were pregnant together 20 years ago, and our children have been raised together.  We are doing our adoptions together, Keith and I just finished earlier.  I can not help but feel this is God working.  She is DTC waiting for word on her LID for Blossom from Harmony House.  I am holding Blossom  in the pictures of August 25, 2012 More about Blossom later. 

Going on, the kids just finished two full weeks of school.  Bobby is in the third grade and doing very well.  Kylie Gail is in kindergarten and has slowly come around.  She is very attached to Keith and wants him with her all the time.  He is going back to work this next week, so we transitioned to me taking her to school and dropping her off.  We will be doing an IEP, with accommodations, for both of the kids because of their medical needs. 

We also made the trip to our primary doctor this week.  Both kids will have referrals and specialists for various needs.  We are lucky to have a great doctor and she is worth the wait.  We have requested the same doctors as the ones who see Lilly Rose.  Neurologist is Dr. Isabello Artacho, the nicest guy on earth and Dr. Kaji, urologist, from Children's Hospital of Central California.

I will post some pictures later, as my Laptop is now broken and I am too busy to get it fixed before we go to Stanford for Lilly's Surgery.

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